Anti-Opoly: The Anti-Monopoly Game

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The property trading board game with a twist!

Tags Board / Card
Publisher Encore
60 MB

Game Description

The property trading board game with a twist! Anti-Opoly is the property trading game that lets players choose free enterprise or monopoly, with different rules for each path. Decide for yourself: who wins? Is it the Competitor who charges fair market value for rent? Or is it the Monopolist who amasses control over whole regions and can charge much higher fees?

-Enjoy a twist on classic Monopoly play by taking the role of a Competitor or Monopolist
-Includes Anti-Opoly and two historical games that preceded Monopoly: Original-Opoly and Quaker-Opoly
-Information about the true history of the Monopoly game and the legal battle over Anti-Monopoly
-Supports English, German, Russian and Dutch language options

Download size: 60 MB

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