Alices Wonderland 5 – A Ray of Hope Collectors Edition

In Alices Wonderland 5 - A Ray of Hope Collectors Edition, you can aid in saving Wonderland once more!

Some villains are simply more patient than others. That, or they are simply more fearful and will not assault until victory is assured. For years, Jack of Clubs has been anticipating this moment, and it has finally arrived. Jack of Clubs aims to advance his army of ink monsters during the next eclipse when Wonderland will be completely dark, and there's not much you can do against an astronomical phenomenon of this size! Alice and her friends must find a solution as soon as possible. The entire Wonderland will come to their aid this time, and the wise Queens will direct defenses from the outset. Best wishes, and remember to never give up!



Collector's Edition Features:


-12 new story levels;

- additional hidden objects and riddles;

- more tasks and achievements;

- integrated strategy guide.

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