Alices Wonderland 2 – Stolen Souls Collector’s Edition

Assist Alice in reentering the magical realm and assist her in overcoming fresh challenges.

After more than a year, Alice's memories of Wonderland have faded. Then, one night, she hears what appears to be the White Rabbit calling her name. Is it possible that her Wonderland pals are in trouble? Join Alice on her return to that amazing planet and help her overcome new problems. When Alice returns, she discovers a new and terrible threat to Wonderland. The Queen of Spades wields a powerful item that changes Alice's pals and turns them against her! With the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter missing, Alice must overcome her anxieties and find a method to stop the terrible Queen of Spades to save her friends.





- Make incredible new friends

- Visit unseen corners of Wonderland

- Clever and colorful time management levels



Collectors Edition Features:


- 12 bonus levels

- 2 extra mini-games

- Downloadable concept art

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365 MB

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