1001 Jigsaw – Legends of Mystery

There are 500 photographs in 1001 Jigsaw - Legends of Mystery that show the existence of magic!

1001 Jigsaw - Legends of Mystery is a captivating jigsaw puzzle game that demonstrates the presence of magic! Make 500 jigsaw puzzles out of high-quality images. Enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of abundant mysticism and magic! Exciting puzzles and captivating photographs abound in the new epic puzzle game 1001 Jigsaw - Legends of Mystery! We've included a wide selection of options for more pleasurable gameplay. Set the complexity to your liking for each problem! You can save your progress at any time! Convenient controls and a plethora of hints and features make the game easier to play. For those that enjoy a challenge, there are special quests and trophies. 1001 Jigsaw - Legends of Mystery contains 500 mystery jigsaws that will transport you to a wonderful universe and help you escape from your mundane daily existence! Vampires, ghosts, witches, and other mysterious legends' heroes await you! Now you may see them not only on Halloween…





- 500 high quality unique photographs

- beautifully designed game-play: informative suggestions, sort tool and magnifying glass.

- optional game difficulty control makes your gameplay infinite

- custom piece styles with rotation

- save game progress and continue to collect the puzzle at any time

- tasks and colorful trophies for those who love excitement

- pleasant and relaxing music

- a happy holiday atmosphere

- get 500 puzzles for one purchase

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