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  • Cubis Creatures

    Cubis Creatures

    When a group of adorable, fuzzy creatures gather to watch one of their pals perform a magic trick, all involved are expecting a fun afternoon in ...

  • Jewel Quest Solitaire II

    Jewel Quest Solitaire II

    Join Emma on her travels into the depths of Africa to find her missing husband. Intrigue waits around every corner and through all 114 new layout...

  • Jewel Quest Heritage

    Jewel Quest Heritage

    A puzzling, match-3 quest to reclaim the Golden Jewel Board! Join curator Rupert Pack amid the ancient European shrines and castles of Hernan Cor...

  • Beadz! 2 - Under the Sea

    Beadz! 2 - Under the Sea

    Dive to the seabed and become a pearl fisher in a refreshing underwater arcade. Shoot the beads as they roll down the ropes and make combos to ge...

  • Magical Gems

    Magical Gems

    It is said that whomever possesses the magical gems will become the most powerful wizard in the world. Unfortunately, a group of evil wizards has...

  • Rainbow Web

    Rainbow Web

    Journey to a land of fairies and elves as you try and stop Spider, an evil wizard who has cast a spell over the kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to brea...

  • The Rise of Atlantis

    The Rise of Atlantis

    Voyage around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to gather the seven powers that will help you raise the legendary continent of Atlantis. Fin...

  • Bejeweled


    Swap gems to create matches and chain reactions that score big points. A knack for fast visual connections and the ability to think in completely...

  • Pirate Stories - Kit & Ellis

    Pirate Stories - Kit & Ellis

    Kit and Ellis is an exceptionally attractive puzzle game with an excellently developed storyline. Discover the fates of the captain Kit and the w...

  • Wizard Land

    Wizard Land

    Revive the mythical crystal flower destroyed by the evil wizard! Follow a detailed map to navigate yourself across the once-magical Wizard Land. ...

Hidden Object


  • Fall down and get up!

    Fall down and get up!

    Score points by staying alive as long as possible as you move through various stages!

  • PJ Pride - Pet Detective

    PJ Pride - Pet Detective

    Help PJ find 90 missing pets! Unlock stores, homes, tattoo parlors and more as you investigate 96 scenes brimming with hidden objects. You never ...

  • Finders Keepers Christmas

    Finders Keepers Christmas

    It's Christmas time and the treasure hunting team of Floyd & Goldie are off to help Santa deliver sweet treats. Pull up a lot of cookies and feed...

  • Garden Defense

    Garden Defense

    Backyards across Lindencroft are under attack by merciless, flower-eating pests! Using your arsenal of trigger-happy lawn ornaments, protective ...

  • Rail of War

    Rail of War

    In this game you have to eliminate enemies with the help of trains full of different kind of weapons. Enemies will try to capture your precious l...

  • Icycle


    The next ice age has arrived and the world as we know it has peacefully frozen in time, but to one naked survivor it's cold and lonely as hell. ...

  • Fanged Fun Level Pack

    Fanged Fun Level Pack

    Twenty new levels of Fanged Fun! Transform the fanged shapes to guide them to their respective platforms in each level.

  • Zuck Launcher

    Zuck Launcher

    This is a shooting game. The main projectile is Zuck, he collects his precious f-labeled coins.

  • Indi Cannon Players Pack

    Indi Cannon Players Pack

    Shoot Indiana to collect coins. Avoid traps, use idols to get rid of bats and spiders. Detonate explosive Indiana to collect coins with it's bo...

  • Politricks


    Mr. President is on the mission to deal with the US national debt once and for all. Help him to save the country from going bunkrupt!

Time Management

  • Kelly Green - Garden Queen

    Kelly Green - Garden Queen

    Join in the fun as Kelly's hippie brother and other quirky relatives pitch in to help in the nursery. Arrange floral bouquets with creative flair...

  • Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour 3

    Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour 3

    Mild Suggestive Themes From Japan to Barcelona, join Jojo’s worldwide quest for fashion domination! Keep the Las Cruces label hot and edgy while...

  • Coconut Queen

    Coconut Queen

    Comic Mischief Build a thriving tropical resort full of tourists, jungles and wildlife as the Coconut Queen of Lui Lui island. Manage your very ...

  • Jojos Fashion Show 2

    Jojos Fashion Show 2

    Mild Suggestive Themes Help JoJo assemble stylish new outfits for men and women as she launches her new clothing line on runways from L.A. to Be...

  • Jojos Fashion Show

    Jojos Fashion Show

    Help Jojo and her daughter Rosalind rock the fashion world. Make stylish outfits from cute tops, elegant dresses and stunning accessories as you ...

  • Farm Frenzy

    Farm Frenzy

    Daily chores have never been more fun as you cultivate fields, feed livestock and gather the items they produce. Live the country life in this ar...

  • RedCross ERU

    RedCross ERU

    The Red Cross gives help to people in need all over the world regardless of skin color, nationality, beliefs or gender. Working for the Red Cross...

  • Legends Of Atlantis - Exodus

    Legends Of Atlantis - Exodus

    In Legends of Atlantis - Exodus, players are transported to the mythic continent of Atlantis, on the verge of destruction. Clear obstructed paths...

  • Restaurant Romance

    Restaurant Romance

    Delicious sumptuous meals are aphrodisiac. So, turn up the love in the room and make this restaurant a hotspot of romance! Steal the lovely lady ...

  • Ice Cream Dash

    Ice Cream Dash

    Time is running out and you got yourself some ice cream to sell. Make yourself some cold hard cash selling sweet treats in Ice Cream Dash.