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Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure. Harness the powers of the Elements as you explore 255 dazzling levels in 5 different worlds. more

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Welcome to Glyph! In this unique puzzle adventure, the world of Kuros is dying. As a descendant of the Elemental Masters, it is up to you to restore Kuros to its once beautiful state by harnessing the powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether. Powerful and ancient Glyphs hold the key to restoring Kuros to its former beauty. Break through layers of rock by matching Guardstones and uncover the mystery of the Glyphs. Featuring 14 unique interactive objects, power-ups with 3 boost levels, high score posting and 125 custom levels, Quest Mode will keep any puzzle fan busy. The fast-paced Action Mode will challenge your skills and reflexes with 130 additional levels of game play. See if you can save Kuros, before it's too late!


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